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Survive the Singularity

The remains of destroyed planets hover over the abyss of the Singularity, which gradually devours all that remains. Those who have survived are now faced with the ultimate challenge of staying alive. For the daring and brave, fortunes await in exploring asteroids closer to the Singularity, where the remains of lost civilizations contain rare resources and advanced technology.

In Providence, you will assume the role of a Trailblazer who has survived the Singularity, at least for now. To survive, you must conquer the wild alien landscapes and establish yourself on more stable asteroids, known as Homesteads. Once you have secured your base, you can venture into Slipworlds with other Trailblazers to gather resources and create blueprints that will increase your chances of survival in this unforgiving environment. However, you will not be alone. Not only will other Trailblazers compete for the same resources, but also unfathomable life forms await in the depths of space.

Providence is a free survival game with a player-driven economy made possible by true digital ownership on the blockchain. The primary variables of the Providence Universe, including items, blueprints, and resources, will be securely stored on the blockchain, allowing players to trade their assets within our marketplace.

Road Map

About Providence

Providence has been in development by an elite team for the past two years. Our team of experts is dedicated to crafting a unique “survival on a loop” gameplay experience that will ensure each adventure is one-of-a-kind. By continually refining and enhancing the game mechanics, we strive to provide players with an unparalleled level of immersion and excitement.

About Dynasty Studios

Dynasty Studios is a VC-backed game company creating next-generation games. Striving to lead the mass adoption of blockchain technology through never-before-seen gameplay experiences, we are shaping the future of gaming!

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What type of game is Providence?

Providence is a 3rd person game that combines survival and rogue-lite elements on exotic, shattered alien worlds. Players take on the role of a Trailblazer, exploring fragments of destroyed planets that float above the abyss of a singularity, filled with wild vegetation, exotic creatures, mysterious alien vaults, and plenty of rare resources.

Players start by establishing a permanent base of operations on larger, more stable asteroids called Homesteads, using the resources they can find around them. Alien plants and creatures are spread across the landscape, providing plenty of material to survive and prepare for the more dangerous, and profitable, expeditions to come. Once ready, Trailblazers embark on expeditions to Slipworlds, asteroids on the brink of falling into the singularity, rich in rare resources and lost tech vaults. Players must make strategic decisions about what to bring with them on each run, as each Slipworld is different, providing unique challenges based on the characteristics of the world, as well as if other Trailblazers might be there hunting for an easy score. Each run is a race against time – do you go for a quick run with a few trips of bulkier raw materials? Do you work with friends and build an on-site base instead to process raw resources into goods easier to transport, scoring an even bigger haul? Do you drop on a PvP-enabled Slipworld and try to pirate other players’ work and take their spoils? The clock is ticking before the Singularity pulls in the Slipworld and its treasures are lost forever, so make your choice and get to work!

This is survival in the loop, so players must make smart choices to maximize their yields on each run. Then it’s all about returning n to their Homestead and utilizing those bounties to expand and improve their operations, expanding their crafting, and get back out there for the next adventure. This game offers a unique blend of exploration, base building, survival, and strategic planning, making it a unique and challenging experience for all types of players.

What is different about Providence?


Players explore the remnants of destroyed planets floating above the abyss of a singularity, filled with wild vegetation, exotic creatures, mysterious alien vaults, and plenty of rare resources

Survival at Home

Players take on the role of a Trailblazer and must survive and establish a permanent base of operations on the larger, more stable asteroids called Homesteads, using the resources around them to prepare for the real adventure on the Slipworld.

Survival on the Loop

The real opportunities lie on Slipworlds, shattered terrestrial bodies on the brink of falling into the singularity, rich in rare resources and lost tech vaults, each wildly different from the other. Time is limited, so players must survive each unique challenge and get all they can from a run before the Slipworld is lost forever

Strategic Planning

Trailblazers can work solo or in groups and must make strategic decisions on what to bring on each drop to maximize the spoils they take home. This is a race against time to extract valuable resources effectively and survive the harsh wilderness, or sometimes even other players

Crafting and Resources

As Trailblazers complete successful runs, they build up a warehouse on their Homestead of both resources and discoveries that propel them forward, allowing each Trailblazer to decide how they specialize their skills and produce new effective products, from weapons to base building components and everything in-between

PvE and sometimes PvPvE

Providence allows players to decide what type of experience they want to have when adventuring on the Slipworld. Each drop is different: sometimes it’s you and your friends vs the world. Other times the added challenge of PvP rules increases the risk and opportunity. It’s all up to what kind of run you want to try

Unreal Engine 5

Built on Unreal Engine 5 to create an exciting and immersive 3D sci-fi experience on PC

When can I find out more?

Visit our website and follow all our socials on linktree for the latest news!

Discord is the best place to talk with devs, ask questions, and connect with others in our growing community.

When will we be able to play Providence?

We are working on a playable teaser experience as we work through development and are eager to invite players to share their feedback in the near future. Be sure to follow our socials and sign-up with your email to be among the first to get involved. There is no announced date yet for testing Providence, but stay tuned!

What platforms will the game come out on?

Providence is focused on launching on the Windows PC platform. If you are interested in other PC or console platforms, please let us know as we look into it later in development.

What engine is Providence being created on?

Providence game is being created in Unreal Engine 5 with a focus on the PC platform to build an exciting and immersive 3D sci-fi experience.

Who is making the game?

Dynasty Studios is a VC-backed game development company incorporating the latest technologies to give players new and fun experiences like never before. We are gamers and experienced game developers that put the player’s interests as a top priority.

Our founders and core developers have evolved from the Logic Artists team, an independent studio with over 10 years of experience in the gaming industry, known for creating successful video games such as Clandestine and Expeditions series (Rome, Viking, Conquistador), rich IPs that have been acquired by THQ Nordic. Rounding out this core team is a collection of experienced talent with decades of experience from all across of the industry, poised to break new ground in building games that innovate in their design, technology, and business strategies.

How do you plan on involving the community?

By listening and building games hand in hand with our community, we will share our development process and take in player feedback to create the best experiences.

Join our community and become a part of the Dynasty development process! Devs and other members often hang out and discuss weekly topics together. If you have suggestions, please share them on our socials as we’d love to hear from all of you!

How often are you going to keep us updated?

Our goal is to actively engage with you on a regular basis. Many of our team members will be on Discord chatting with fans. We’ll also be creating social posts to engage with you, major updates, video content, update newsletters, and much more. We plan to be active and engaged throughout the development process to both keep you updated and take in your feedback!


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