May 03, 2023

Dynasty Studios announced their flagship web3 game: Providence

Providence, a AAA web3 game by Dynasty Studios, has been announced at Avalanche Summit II. The survival game will have a playable alpha this year, after 2 years in development.

Dynasty Studios announced their upcoming web3 game on the launch day of the annual Avalanche Summit event, in partnership with Avalanche. In development for the last 2 years, Providence will provide gamers with a unique approach to the multiplayer survival genre where players will be exploring alien worlds and competing with other players in a galaxy drifting into the Singularity. Providence promises a true free-to-play experience with a player-driven economy and no entry barrier.

Survive the Singularity

The remains of destroyed planets hover over the abyss of the Singularity, which gradually devours all that remains. Those who have survived are now faced with the ultimate challenge of staying alive. For the daring and brave, fortunes await in exploring asteroids closer to the Singularity, where the remains of lost civilizations contain rare resources and advanced technology.

In Providence, you will assume the role of a Trailblazer who has survived the Singularity, at least for now. To survive, you must conquer the wild alien landscapes and establish yourself on more stable asteroids, known as Homesteads. Once you have secured your base, you can venture into Slipworlds with other Trailblazers to gather resources and create blueprints that will increase your chances of survival in this unforgiving environment. However, you will not be alone. Not only will other Trailblazers compete for the same resources, but also unfathomable life forms await in the depths of space.

The Best Technology for the Best Experience

Providence is a true free-to-play game that leverages the capabilities of blockchain technology and empowers players to control the economy and markets transparently. In the Providence Universe, Trailblazers can obtain the resources and blueprints needed to advance in the game without relying on micro-transactions that may exploit the community. In fact, Trailblazers will not only control the marketplace for resources and blueprints but they will also be rewarded for their contributions to the Providence Community and Universe.

The Providence Universe is powered by the state-of-the-art AAA game engine, Unreal Engine 5, which provides unparalleled technical capabilities and stunning visual quality. The game features a unique approach to depicting a universe ravaged by a catastrophe. Experienced game designers have imagined lush alien biomes populated by unique monsters that players will encounter throughout gameplay. By exploring and scavenging various alien worlds, players can acquire valuable blueprints for crafting items and armor sets.

2023 is just the beginning of the Providence Universe

Providence’s early supporters will have the opportunity to play the game with an alpha release scheduled for 2023, while the official release date will be announced at a later time. For those interested in keeping up with the latest news and updates regarding the project, they can follow Providence on social media channels: 

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